Football Jersey – What should you look for when buying?

There is no doubt that football is the most important sport in the world. Football is the most sustained and observed sport, seems to have a universal appeal that also seems to go on in the United States. What would life be without football? Millions of children, adolescents, amateur and veteran, kick that round leather regularly.


For those who play football every weekend or for those who just watch it on TV cheering great, there is nothing more satisfying than wearing a football jersey.


Football jerseys and kits are now the best-selling sports goods in the world. Football is regularly played in schools around the world that have certainly helped to increase the number of football jersey sold worldwide and with major sporting events such as the African Cup of Nations, the World Cup and the European Championships are widespread in Worldwide.


World stars such as Ronaldo and Lionel Messi ensure that their soccer jerseys sell millions and fill the cash registers of their club with advertising revenue. The colours and the logo of the favourite club are the most important purchase criterion, especially for children and adolescents. Here, above all, the emotional aspect dominates. The functional properties are not the main priority.


Everyone would like to buy the original jersey of their team name, number and patch tags at ridiculously low prices, but fairy tales do not exist. Shopping online for your football jerseys not only allows you to get a better choice but also try to get a better price. The problem lies in originality. The question is, are those jerseys sold online are original ones? Of a non-genuine product, even if at first glance it may seem an excellent replica, it is not possible to know how it was made and if we used toxic substances for our health.


Here are the tips to get football jersey that suits your needs:


Real Jersey or Fake?

As a true fan usually comes only a real and not a fake jersey in the house. However, it is not easy for non-specialists to distinguish an original from a counterfeit. In case of doubt, it is advisable to either buy such a piece of clothing in the official fan shop, or you can look around in an accordingly licensed shop. However, it should be kept in mind that a real jersey is of course much costlier than a fake.


Buy New or Used?

Football jerseys are available not only in new but also used ones. If you do not want to buy a new one, it is a good idea to look for used jerseys. These garments have the advantage that they are much cheaper than new. However, one should absolutely convince oneself here that the respective piece has not too clear traces of use, for example, has already small holes, stains or the like. But if you keep your eyes open, you can certainly get some bargains.


The Material

Football is a martial arts sport. Especially the tensile strength of the material is put to the test in a football match. Polyamide e.g. is a material that stands up to this burden. It is a synthetic material and impresses in addition to its tear resistance by a comfortable fit. In order to improve the breathability, additional polyester or mesh inserts are integrated into many soccer jerseys. The material cotton is less suitable compared to polyamide one. It is less tear-resistant and has poor breathability.


The Size

To ensure high freedom of movement, you must not choose the jersey in small size. Especially in the neck, arm, chest and hip area, it must, under no circumstances, be too tight.


Seasonal Differences

Depending on the season, a long-sleeved or short-sleeved jersey offers advantages and disadvantages.

The long sleeve jersey is much warmer and intended for the cooler season. In addition, the long sleeves provide additional protection, e.g. in the iced ground. For the colder season, it is also advisable to wear a functional undershirt. Brand providers, such as Adidas offer special products that fit snugly on the body and transfer the moisture optimally to the outside, keeping the body dry and efficient.


For warm temperatures, the short sleeve jersey is recommended. Better air circulation and greater freedom of movement are the main advantages here. Also regarding price, the short-sleeved version is a bit cheaper – depending on which club logo is on the jersey.


Buy Individually or as a Set?

In general, a football shirt can not only be purchased as a single piece, but also as a set. Depending on the offers, it is also possible to buy the matching trousers and/or cuffs. This has the advantage that you are completely equipped with just one purchase, so to speak for the next football game. However, if you have special ideas of the individual parts, then it may be better to buy the desired garment individually.


Cost and Quality

Football shirts are already available at very reasonable prices. Anyone who does not want to wear such a shirt over and over again, but only for a particular match, for example, can usually confidently resort to such a product. For die-hard fans, the cheap jerseys are usually not a good choice, because in many cases, the low cost associated with equally low quality. If you want to wear the football jersey often, then it is worthwhile to resort to a piece of clothing that belongs either in the middle or in the high price segment. Here you benefit from a higher quality, which is noticeable for example in the processing and the colours.


Online Shop

The choice of football shirts online has no limits. The selection is really wide: you can find jerseys of the official uniforms of the teams of the championships around the world including national, both in the home and away version, vintage soccer jerseys and technical jerseys for training sessions and games with friends. Broad choices are also available for goalkeepers and referees.